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Nutrition Newslines
Subscribe to our teacher newsletter and get ideas on how to implement fun activities within your classroom that promote healthy nutrition and routine physical activity! Lessons include culinary, gardening and physical activities that touch on subjects such as the importance of a eating breakfast, and nutrition for growing strong bones, healthy bodies and more!

Use movement, laughter, song and chant during classroom physical activities for greater understanding and memory of classroom topics. Students are more likely to be alert, participate, do better on exams and find learning more enjoyable! 

Teacher Resource Sheet
Confused about what the Youth FSNEP program has to offer? Check out this resource sheet for a quick explanation of all our curricula! 

Healthy Snack Ingredient List
Having trouble indentifying wholesome snacks from the not-so-wholesome ones? Check out our healthy snack ingredient list! We have separated healthy snacks from the not so healthy ones that should be monitored such as high fat sources of dairy, meat and sweets.

*This list also corresponds with Lesson 7, and Activity 2 of the RAMP binder. 

Non-food Reward Ideas
Use this list to create a healthier classroom by rewarding students without the use of sugar! The rewards have proved to increase student confidence, buy-in and classroom achievement. Instead reward your students with extra recess time, an early lunch, a homework pass, or a positive phone call home!

Benefits of Sleep

Girl with Boots on Jungle Gym
Learn the importance of adequate sleep and how bedtime habits improves overall quality of sleep! You could create a classroom activity by asking your students to average number of hours they sleep, describe their routines before bed and overall quality of sleep. Then discuss as a class how their quality of sleep could be improved and what effect it might have in school. 

Sugar in Popular Drinks
Do your students know how many grams of sugar is in one can of soda? If they did could they measure it out for the classroom or draw a diagram? Follow this brief activity within your classroom so students can practice using units measurement and see how much sugar is found in soft drinks. 

Fruits and Veggies More Matters 
Here you will find resources for learning about meal planning, buying locally grown fruits and vegetables on a budget, healthy snack recipes, diet and exercise, produce is in season, portion sizes and more!!

Dairy Council of California: Healthy Eating Made Easier 
Visit this website to learn about classroom nutrition learning activities, milk and dairy facts and benefits, school wellness, and nutritional lesson plans and instructional booklets.

USDA Team Nutrition 
Here you will learn about advocacy for healthier US schools, nutrition education, MyPlate, WIC, SNAP, school grants, resource libraries and more! 

Money Talks 
Use this website as a guide for teens to learn more about healthy eating habits, shopping savvy, meal planning on a budget, MyPlate and recommended food servings and portions.

Creating a school garden? Search the California School Garden Network for activities that not only teach students about what's going on in the garden, but also help them with their core subjects in school! Also, keep updates on grants you may be eligible for!

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*To enroll in our program teachers must work in a school where 50%
or more of the student body are eligible for free or reduced lunch*


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