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In this project, youth explore the outdoor world and learn about the interactions of fish with their habitats, both natural and altered. Youth increase their awareness of:

  • Freshwater fish species.
  • An understanding of how human activities affect fish habitats, and learn about how habitat can be conserved and restored to support fish populations.
  • Consider the value of native and non-native fish species, for biodiversity, recreational and commercial fishing, and aquaculture.
  • Learn how they can have a positive impact through advocacy, organizing, and action.



Fishing is a national 4-H project. It features curriculum that will guide you through the project. For more information, visit

Fishing 1 - Take the Bait: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-fishing/07598.aspx

Fishing 2 -  Reel in the Fun: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-fishing/07599.aspx

Fishing 3 - Cast Into The Future: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-fishing/07600.aspx


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