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Happy Healthy Me

Moving, Munching and Reading through MyPyramid

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If you are working with picky, finicky eaters who are 4-6 years old, this curriculum is for you! Happy Healthy Me is a literacy-based nutrition curriculum that teaches preschoolers and kindergartners about concepts of the new MyPyramid.

Each lesson provides the educator with easy-to-implement, hands-on activities that will expose children to healthy eating practices in a fun and exciting way.

Each lesson includes a corresponding book, objectives, nutrition activities, physical activities and other supplemental activities.  

The MyPyramid curriculum teaches students how to build healthy eating habits by making the following choices: eating foods low in refined sugar, choosing lean meat or poultry when possible, eat low-fat or fat-free dairy products, and to vary their protein choices to include fish, beans, nuts, seeds and vegetables. 

In addition, each lesson is correlated to California Content Standards. Just click the link below (Microsoft Excel required) or contact a FSNEP Representative to obtain the document. For a list of the books that correspond to each lesson, click here.

Happy Healthy Me program standards


Curriculum Book List:

The Beastly Feast :                 Lunch
Bread, Bread, Bread :             Kiss the Cow
Growing Vegetable Soup :       Two Eggs Please
The Hungry Caterpillar :          Beorobics
Wash your Hands!


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