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Nutrition Education Programs

Research tells us that the early years are especially important for establishing habits that last throughout the lifetime. So we focus on providing education, and establishing healthy habits. We provide education that focuses on prevention rather than treatment!

The School Nutrition Education Program is federally funded by USDA and administered by the University of California Cooperative Extension to provide nutrition education to school where at least 50% of students are eligible for free or reduced school lunches. This is done by providing teachers with free curricula that enhance their efforts to teach students about healthy lifestyle practices. The curricula are research-based, pilot-tested and aligned with the California Content Standards. 


Curriculum Formatting:

We know how busy teachers are, so all curriculum pieces contain concise background information on the topic, easy-to-prepare activities, parent letters that can be easily photocopied and a snack idea to compliment the lesson. They provide opportunities for children to actively learn about healthy eating and exercise. 



Our Nutrition Programs



Go Glow Grow (Preschool)

Each lesson is designed to meet the specific needs and abilities of preschoolers. These lessons offer simple messages by dividing the MyPyramid into three sections labeled Go, Glow, and Grow. Each of these sections corresponds to the effect these food groups have on the body.




Farm to Fork (Kindergarten-1st/2nd are currently being published) 

A curriculum designed so that primary grades will understand the connections between gardening, farming, nutrition and their caferteria. Children also learn about safety in the garden and kitchen.

Happy Healthy Me (4-6 year-olds)

A literacy-based nutrition curriculum that teaches preschoolers and kindergartners the concepts of MyPyramid. Each lesson provides the educator with easy-to-implement, hands-on activities that expose children to healthy eating practices in a fun and exciting way.


Fruits and Vegetable Power Play! (4th-5th grade)

While the new dietary guidelines recommend 2.5 cups of vegetables per day and two cups of fruits, many people fall incredibly short. The Five a Day Power Play! campaign was developed to encourage kids to consume 3.5 to 5 cups of fruits and vegetables and be physically active for at least 60 minutes each day.


EatFit (7th-8th grade)

Our EatFit curriculum steers adolescents away from weight loss and dieting while directing young adults to focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. Designed specifically for 7th and 8th graders, the lessons include nutrition basics, web-based diet analysis, information about energy and calories, fast food and more. In addition, lessons and activities are correlated to content standards in math, science, and language arts.




For more information or to request any on the above curricula, please contact Jona Pressman, Kristy Bresette at (530) 538-7201.

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