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Rabbit Show

Event Overview and Purpose: 

The Butte County 4-H Rabbit Show provides youth an opportunity to show and exhibit their rabbits in a 4-H show.  Showing an animal helps youth to grow in self confidence and knowledge.  

This show is run with ARBA judges and done in conjunction with an open ARBA show.  Only participation in the 4-H show may be counted toward the "4-H Events Attended" section of a youth's Record Book.  Youth who participate in the open show, may not count it towards their "4-H Events Attended" in their Record Book and must count any exhibiting as an "Outside of 4-H" activity.  

This event is hosted by the Butte County 4-H Rabbit Club


Event Details: 

Date: January 18, 2020

Event starts at 8:00am.  All day event.

Location: Butte County Fairgrounds

Entries: All entries must be done via email or hard copy forms by mail.  No day of entries allowed!  

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