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Presentation Day

Event Overview and Purpose: 

Public speaking skills are ranked number one among the desired skill sets of professionals. Every 4-H member is encouraged to give a presentation each year. A 4-H presentation can be a demonstration, include audio-visual aids, and involve problem solving. Through their presentations, youth learn to research a subject, organize their ideas into a logical order and practice public speaking skills. See quick tips on presentation types and requirements

Registering for Presentation Events

If you are registering as part of a team, please make sure to list your team members in your registration.

Each participant may register for one qualified presentation, one qualified Share the 4-H Fun Skit, and either Infographic or Video Essay.


Those evaluating Presentations should complete the Presentation Evaluator Certification online course by logging in/creating your account and providing your county's enrollment key.  Send an email to: ldarby@buttecounty.net to get the enrollment key.

For question contact: Maisie @ mjcousins@ucdavis.edu or Office 530-552-5812
This event is hosted by Palermo 4-H Club

Date: February 10, 2024

Registration Starts: 8:30 am

Location: Nord Country School

Exhibitor Registration: Here (please read carefully)

Evaluator Sign-Up: Here  



  • The Butte County 4-H Presentation Event follows the current4-H Presentation Manual - Revised January 2021 and the Presentation Manual Addendum.
  • Presentations are divided according to category and age group. The oldest member of the team determines the age category. 
    • Junior (9-10 years old)
    • Intermediate (11-13 years old)
    • Senior (14-19 years old).
  • Presenters in a category may also compete in the Share the 4-H Fun Skit category.
  • No substitutions in presenters are allowed.
  • The Public Speaking and Communications Advisory Committee offering two new prototype 4-H Presentation Formats this year! Youth may sign-up for these in addition to their qualifying entry. Outlined in the Presentation Manual Addendum.
    • Infographic
    • Video Essay
  • Impromptu Speech is for Intermediate or Senior only

Categories for all age groups

Please see example videos linked in each category.

  1. Demonstration
  2. Illustrated TalkIllustrated Talk (Intermediate), Illustrated Talk (Intermediate)
  3. Science or Engineering Presentation:Science or Engineering Presentation (Senior)
  4. Educational Display Talk: Educational Display Talk (Intermediate)Educational Display Talk (Intermediate)
  5. Informative Prepared Speech: Informative Prepared Speech (Intermediate)
  6. Persuasive Prepared Speech: Persuasive Prepared Speech (Senior)
  7. Impromptu Speech: Intermediate or Senior only: Impromptu Speech
  8. Interpretive Reading:Interpretive Reading (Intermediate),  Interpretive Reading (Senior)
  9. Share the 4-H Fun Skit:Share the 4-H Fun Skit (Senior) 
  10. Cultural Arts:Cultural Arts (Senior)
  11. Infographic—New*
  12. Video Essay—New*

*The Public Speaking and Communications Advisory Committee is offering two new 4-H Presentation Formats that do not require pre-qualification to state and regional presentation days: Infographic and Video Essay. You may sign-up for these in addition to your qualifying entry. Please see the Presentation Manual Addendum for descriptions of these new categories.


Impromptu Categories

Presenters are expected to have completed basic research on the impromptu presentation topics for an impromptu presentation. Presenters are allowed one 5" x 7" note card (single sided) to reference during the delivery of their impromptu speech. More information is available in the 4-H Presentation Manual. Participation in Impromptu Speeches is limited to Intermediate and Senior 4-H members.

See the full description of the 2024 Impromptu Categories (PDF)


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