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Lunch to go
Having trouble packing a healthy lunch for your child? Check out ways to make the process easy and painless! Include your child in the lunch making process by having them pick out healthy items at the grocery store and help prepare and storing their lunch! They will love you for it and will learn how to choose and prepare healthy meals for themselves. 

Benefits of Sleep
Is your child getting enough sleep? Sleep is not only important for your child's health and growth but is also essential for improving memory, alertness and performance in school. Learn how to build good sleeping habits for your child by creating a regimented sleep routine. These tips for a no-tears bedtime will make your child's bedtime easy and struggle-free. 

Sugar in Popular Drinks
Do your children know how much sugar is in soft drinks? You can show them with this fun and educational activity that measures differences in sugar levels in soda, sports drinks, sweetened tea and water. 

Haunted Teeth 
How can you keep your child's teeth cavity free during the holiday season? Here you will learn useful tips on rationing, sugar free alternatives, and teeth cleaning. You're child will remain cavity free--even during Halloween!!!

USDA Food and Nutrition Services 
Here you will find resources for applying for SNAP and WIC benefits, food distribution programs, disaster assistance, as well as nutritional assistance tools and programs such as Farm to School, MyPlate, Team Nutrition and Super Tracker. 

Public Health Resources
Here you will find health resources for topics related to food/nutrition resources, maternal and child health, disability resources, ethnic group health resources, health risk assessments, health statistics and data resources and more!

Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior 
Visit this website for nutrition resources on careers in nutrition, how to get involved in local activities of advocacy, dietary guidelines for child obesity, environmentally based nutrition programs, and how to increase the use of local foods in your area. 

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American Council on Science and Health 

Here you will find articles and studies as resources for learning about GMO foods, child obesity, calories, food labels, the food industry, maternal health, water quality, and risks for heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health 
Visit this website for resources for learning about breast feeding, safe sleep, infant care, healthy promotion, oral health, disease and injury prevention, child development, and cultural competence and enhancement in nutrition education. 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Here you will find resources for learning about food safety, adolescent and school health, as well as statistics and data on asthma, autism, breastfeeding, immunizations, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and much more!

US Center for Weight and Health 
Visit this site for resources for preventing childhood obesity, fact sheets, data reports and tools for advocating for greater physical and nutrition education, actions and policies within your child's school.   

American Society for Nutritional Sciences 
Here you will find information on teaching tools, advances and research in nutrition, resources for jobs in nutrition and for minorities, MyPlate, school grants, and opportunities for getting involved and contributing to nutrition sciences and education.

US Department of Health and Human Services 
Visit this website for resources for learning about pregnancy, parenting, doctoral visits, nutrition and physical activity, oral and bone health, obesity, medicare, maternal health, immunizations, healthy weight, food safety and more!

US Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion 
Here you will find information on 2015 dietary guidelines, and about nutrition programs: The People's Garden, The Let's Move! Initiative, MyPlate, Super Tracker, SNAP, Food A-Pedia, and What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl. 


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