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Student Agricultural Field Day

About the Event

The Student Agricultural Field Day is hosted annually by the CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE team on behalf of the UCCE Butte program. The purpose of the event is to highlight agriculture and agricultural practices in Butte and surrounding counties. The event brings knowledge and best practices from the University directly to the community. The event has traditionally been an in-person, one day, event with 4th & 5th grade students.

In February, over 100 students from selected schools across Butte and Colusa County participated in this event. The event morphed from a one day event into a week-long series of 25 minute sessions. UCCE Advisors and 4-H Youth Development Program staff shared their expertise, virtually, with students. Their presentations are shared to the right.

2021 Presentations

Entomology with Luis Espino, UCCE Butte

This Student Agricultural Field Day presentation by Luis Espino from UCCE Butte county provides information about insects, what they are, where they live, and why we care to study about them.


Rice in California with Whitney Brim-Deforest, UCCE Sutter-Yuba Counties

This Student Agricultural Field Day presentation by Whitney Brim-Deforest of UCCE Sutter-Yuba Counites walks participants through how California rice is grown and harvested and identifies which animals call a rice field their home or vacation destination.


Soil in Agriculture with Franz Niederholzer, UCCE Colusa County

This Student Agricultural Field Day presentation by Franz Niederholzer from UCCE Colusa county explains the difference between dirt and soil, what soil is made of, and how to identify what type of soil you have at home.


Embryology with Ryan Cleland, UCCE Butte

This Student Agricultural Field Day presentation by Ryan Cleland from UCCE Butte county highlights poultry embryology including how a chick forms and grows and the ideal conditions for hatching chicks. To conduct an embryology project in their classroom, educators in Butte County can reserve the use of an incubator through the 4-H Youth Development Program 530-538-7201.

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