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Butte County


We are a health and nutrition education program operating in 58 counties within California committed to empowering participants and their families with limited resources. We provide participants the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle for a brighter future in the face of growing rates in malnutrition, child obesity, and type two diabetes. We aim to heighten levels of activity, improve food safety practices, and increase food resource management. Participants learn how to lower health risks, address food allergens, and manage local supplemental food assistance resources such as WIC, CSFP, TANF and SSI.

Our adult learning program uses a series of ten or more lessons led by trained volunteers in experiential hands on learning activities. Participants are taught useful skills in food label reading, budgeting, coupon use, meal planning, food safety, preparation, and storage. Students walk away with greater hope and opportunities in academia and career fields. We also enroll pregnant and new mothers and incorporate lessons for improving infant nutrition through breastfeeding as well as basic parenting strategies and practices.  

Within our youth program we cover topics such as the importance of drinking water, staying active, being watchful of portion size, regulating sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats, and choosing whole grain, calcium, protein and mineral rich food sources. Our youth workshops can be found in after-school programs, 4-H clubs,  day camps, community centers and within a variety of other youth development programs. 


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