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Record Book Additional Resources

Additional Resources for Record Books

The resources listed here were created to assist adults and volunteers in helping youth with their Record Books.  These resources were created with adults and volunteers in mind, but many can also be used by youth members.  

Please browse the resources and use them as needed. 


Personal Development Report Reference Sheet

Need help knowing what activities go where in the Personal Development Report?  

This Reference Sheet will help!  This reference sheet may not include all Club activities, but does include most County and State activities.  This document has activities listed in alphabetical order.  (updated 3/23/17)


Items Which Do Not Belong in Personal Development Report

Some activities do not actually belong in the Personal Development Report.  

This sheet lists a few different examples of what activities do not go in the PDR.  Some items belong in the Annual Project Report or 4-H Story instead.  This document tells you if the activity can be listed elsewhere. (updated 3/23/17)


My 4-H Story Word Count Tool

The 4-H Story has specific lengths for each age group and is determined by word count.  Since counting each word in a 4-H Story can be time consuming, this document is designed to assist you in knowing how long a 4-H Story should be for each age group. (updated 3/23/17)


Difference between Expression Pages and the Collection of Work

Expression Pages and the Collection of Work might seem similar, but are very different and each serve their own purpose.  This document explains the purpose and differences between Expression Pages and the Collection of Work. 

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