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New and Returning Youth Members

4-H is the largest youth development program in the nation.

Over 85,000 youth are enrolled in 4-H in California. 

Primary Members - 4-H Ages* 5 to 8 

Youth Members - 4-H Ages* 9 to 18 

*Your "4-H Age" is your age by December 31 of the program year you are enrolled in. 

You are welcome to join 4-H any time of the year; although, most of the projects and club activities are held from September through May and it is best to join at the beginning of the year to receive the most amount of project instruction.  

The DEADLINE for enrollment in 4hOnline.com is the third Thursday of November to be eligible to show and/or sell an animal at the Silver Dollar and Butte County Fairs. 

The Youth Member enrollment fee is $65 per youth.

New Youth Members

Process to become a new 4-H Youth Member

Choose a Club. 

Choose a 4-H Club in your area.  A full list of Butte County 4-H Clubs and their offerings can be found here.  You will have to choose a minimum of one club when you sign up.

Contact the club. 

Contact the Club Leader for the club you are interested in joining to let them know you are signing up. They will be collecting the 4-H program fees and also can give you more information about the club and the types of projects they offer.

Choose a Project. 

Your Club Leader can let you know what projects are open for enrollment. You can choose the projects and activities that sound interesting to you.  

Sign up in 4hOnline.* 

Create a family profile on 4hOnline. Members are grouped by Family, so you can add all youth family members who want to join 4-H. If you are under 18, please have a parent or guardian enter the information. New Member - How to enroll in 4hOnline

*For Spanish: The 4hOnline system is only in English. Please fill in the paper enrollment packet in Spanish and turn it in to your club leader or county staff for them to enter it into 4hOnline for you. Please keep a copy of the paper forms for your records. You will also have to check back with your county 4-H Program Representative for your membership status.

Submit program fees. 

Submit your program fees payment to your Club Leader. 

Get activated. 

Once your county 4-H office reviews the enrollment, and receives your fees from your Club Leader, you will receive an email sent to your Family email account to confirm your enrollment status as Active. If you filled a paper enrollment form, you will have to check with your county 4-H Program Representative for your membership status.

Once your membership is active, you can start participating in 4-H events and activities! 

Make new friends. Try something new. Discover new interests.

Returning Youth Members

All 4-H members who wish to participate in the Silver Dollar and Butte County Fairs must re-enroll by the third Thursday of November each year.

If you are a current 4-H member you can renew your membership in 4hOnline. See the Instructions for renewing membership in 4hOnline

Membership Renewal Process

Update enrollment in 4hOnline.

Select the "Enroll for 2019-2020" for the renewing member.

Update personal information.

Make sure all of your personal information is up to date, including email address. Email is the primary way you will receive communications outside of club and project meetings.

New: Health History form is now in 4hOnline.  Please fill in completely - this can be accessed for participation in 4-H events and activities.

Update your 4-H participation.

Only select the club, projects and groups that you will be participating in for the new year.  Remove any clubs or projects that you will not be actively participating in.

Submit your program fees.

Submit your program fees payment to your Club Leader.  

Your membership renewal is pending until your Club Leader confirms that your fee payment has been submitted to the county 4-H office. Once your county 4-H office reviews that all renewal information and fees are submitted.


Check you Family email account for the confirmation that your renewal is active.  Once your membership is active, you may participate in 4-H events and activities!

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