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Butte County 4-H Events

One of the major ways which 4-H allows youth to learn and grow is through events.  These events offer a variety of opportunities to participate, expand skill sets, and be recognized.  

This page lists the current Butte County 4-H events.  These events count as "4-H Events Attended" in a youth's Record Book.  

Events with an asterisk (*) next the them mean that they count for Fair Participation.  

At the bottom of this page is also listed some events which are not 4-H events, but are educational opportunities which might interest 4-Hers and are Butte 4-H Council approved for Fair Participation.  These events at the bottom do not count as "4-H Events Attended" in a youth's Record Book.  

For details about each event, please see the corresponding event page.

Active Butte County 4-H Events Pages:

*Foods Fiesta

*Awards Night 

Now that our website is back up and running, the event pages below are being updated. For more information about them please refer to the latest version of the Cloverleaf or call our office at 530-538-7201.

Butte County 4-H Event Pages Awaiting Updates:

*Rainbow Craft Field Day 

*Fashion Revue

*Horse Show

*4-H Camp

*Fun Night 

*Presentation Day 

*Rabbit Show

*Rainbow Craft Field Day 

Northern Area 4-H Events:

Previously known as "Sectional" or "Regional" Events, these events are for 4-Hers in Northern California and are 4-H events.  These count as "4-H Events Attended" in a youth's Record Book 

*Northern Area Presentation Day

  North Area Youth Summit (formerly WHY Conference)

  State Leadership Conference (SLC)

Non 4-H Events:

Please recall that these events are not 4-H events and do not count as "4-H Events Attended" in a youth's Record Book.  These events are of educational interest to 4-Hers and are approved by the Butte 4-H Council to count toward youth's Fair Requirements only. 

*CSUC Sheep Day 

*CSUC Skill-A-Thon 

*CSUC Swine Day 

*North Valley Dairy Goat Association-Goat Education Day 


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