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Woodworking is a valuable skill for a hobby, household repairs or even a career. Learn about types of wood, uses for various kinds of wood, how to make connections and joints, safety tips, common tools and project ideas from the very simple to the impressive.

  • Develop an understanding of fiber products from the forest.
  • Develop skills in the selection and uses of various types of wood and wood products.
  • Develop skills in the selection, care, and safe use of woodworking technologies including tools and machines.
  • Learn about and develop responsible attitudes toward the science, engineering, technology and math behind the woodworking process.
  • Learn about environmental protection and the wise use of natural resources.
  • Develop problem solving and logical reasoning skills.
  • Gain experience in problem solving and decision-making using science process skills.



Woodworking is a national 4-H project. It features curriculum that will guide you through the project. For more information,

Woodworking Level 1: Measuring Up:  http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-woodworking/06875.aspx

Woodworking Level 2: Making The Cut: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-woodworking/06876.aspx

Woodworking Level 3: Nailing It Together: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-woodworking/06877.aspx

Woodworking Level 4: Finishing Up: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-woodworking/06878.aspx


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