Butte County
University of California
Butte County

Guide Dogs

Training Guide Dogs

The Guide Dog project helps youth train a service dog to help blind or vision-impaired people. Youth will learn:

  • Responsibilities of dog ownership.
  • How to be an excellent trainer and caretaker of their dog.
  • Dog care and management in feeding, handling, record-keeping, grooming and fitting.
  • Dog health regulations, first aid, and simple treatments for ailments.
  • How to teach puppy’s good house manners, socializing them, and introducing them to many different venues.



Dog 1 - Wiggles 'n Wags: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-dog/08166.aspx

Dog 2 - Canine Connection: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-dog/08167.aspx

Dog 3 - Leading the Pack: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/4-hcurriculum-dog/08168.aspx


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