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04/04/2017 (2,020KB) PDF 3/26/18
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In This Issue:    

                     Irrigation management tools for developing walnut trees

                     Walnut husk fly trap study

                      Ethephon use considerations in the Sacramento Valley


PDF 7/9/13
03/22/2013 (1,241KB)

In This Issue:

                        2013 Walnut Blight Management

                        Spacing Walnuts for Optimum Light Interception & Production

                        Guidelines for Handling Potted Walnut Clonal Rootstock Plants

                        New Walnut Variety "Solano" Released

                        Save The Date: Walnut Husk Fly Monitoring  
                                                & Control Field Meeting

PDF 3/22/13

In this Sacramento Valley Walnut News:
Guidelines for handling and planting bareroot walnut nursery trees
Orchard removal and site preparation for walnut planting
Diagnosisng and managing branch wilt disease
Management of first year walnut trees in fall and spring
Points to consider in the prevention of crown gall

DOCX 10/12/12
07/12/2012 (689KB)

In this Sacramento Valley Walnut News:
2012 walnut blight
New walnut cost study for the Sacramento Valley
Advisor retirement and new position proposals
Anthracnose, Botryosphaeria, and Phomopsis in walnut -- updates
Orchard management impacts on walnut quality

PDF 7/11/12
02/23/2012 (4,064KB)

In this Sacramento Valley Walnut News:
Walnut blight management
Training and pruning young walnut trees
tools for weed management decisions in orchard crops
Walnut Pruning Field Meeting- March 6th, Arbuckle
Mobil Irrigation Lab

PDF 2/23/12

codling moth management, Orchard management impacts on quality, "Ivanhoe" early harvesting clutivar & "Ivanhoe" local observations, Botryosphaeria and Phomopsis cankers, Walnut Husk Fly Field Meeting June 9th, Walnut Dehydrator Wrokshop, June 28th

PDF 6/1/10

Walnut Research Reports are Available on-line, New Cost Study on Hulling and Drying Walnuts and Dehydrator Workshop, Comparing Retain and Hold for Reducing PFA and Increasing Yield in "Serr" Walnuts, Managing Pyhtophthora in Walnuts, Winter Freeze Damage-Spring Recovery, Spring Frost?, Walnut blight management Update-2010 Growing Season, Walnut Blight Control Experience over the Last 20 Years.

PDF 3/22/10
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