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10/18/2018 (1,386KB)

? Butte County
are going
? 3rd Annual
IPM Workshop
? Fall & Winter
Prune Orchard
? Cytospora
Cut it out!
Protect fresh
? Pros and Cons
of Mechanical

PDF 12/18/18
06/19/2018 (980KB)
  • Growing the Valley 
  • Pre-Harvest & Harvest Prune Orchard Considerations 
  • Managing canker diseases in prune orchards 
  • Prune Harvest Timing 
  • July Leaf Sampling
PDF 8/28/18
02/20/2018 (1,878KB)
  • South Sacramento Valley Prune Meeting
  • Prune Bloom Orchard Management Considerations 
  • Dry, Warm, Winter Raises Questions about Irrigation 
  • Thinning Prunes 
  • Evaluating New Rootstocks: What’s the Latest? 
  • New Hazard for Interplanted Orchards 
  • Fungicide Efficacy
PDF 3/26/18
10/02/2017 (861KB)
  • Advances in Prune Production
  • Fall Prune orchard management considerations following a heavy crop
  • Aphid Management Review
  • Upcoming IPM Breakfasts
  • New Farm Advisor Introduction
PDF 6/20/18
05/27/2017 (848KB)
  • Techniques to Time First Irrigation Dates for Prune 
  • Thinning Prunes 
  • Prune Orchard Nutrition: Thoughts for 2017 
  • Why are Some Prune Trees Yellow in the Spring? The Bicarbonate Blues. 
  • Prune Management Considerations: Late Spring through Summer
PDF 3/26/18
03/17/2017 (1,480KB)
  • Crop Load Adjustment (Thinning Prunes) 
  • Options for Bad Weather at Bloom 
  • Fungicide Efficacy Tables 
  • Bloom Orchard Management Considerations
PDF 3/26/18
10/17/2016 (961KB)
  • Food for Thought When Planting a New Prune Orchard 
  • Potted Tree Irrigation After Planting: Getting the First Year Right 
  • Fall Prune Orchard Management Considerations Following a Light Crop
  • Preliminary Observations for New Prune Rootstocks 
  • Prune Industry Summit 2017
PDF 3/26/18
05/25/2016 (867KB)
  • Prune Bloom, 2016 
  • Weekly Soil Moisture Loss Reports to Assist With Water Management 
  • Pocket Gopher Management: Don’t Wait Too Long! 
  • Prune Orchard Management Considerations – Fruit Development to Harvest
PDF 3/26/18
02/19/2016 (1,918KB)
  • 2015 Field Evaluation of Prune Rootstocks 
  • Fungicide Efficacy Tables 
  • Nitrogen Management for Prunes 
  • Prune Bloom Orchard Management Considerations
PDF 3/26/18
11/02/2015 (900KB)
  • Rain and pruning don’t mix 
  • Weed management in prunes 
  • Gear Up, Throttle Down for pest control and cost savings 
  • A good year for a fall spray in prunes? 
  • Fall orchard management considerations
PDF 3/26/18
07/21/2015 (713KB)
  • Predicting an Early ‘French’ Harvest 
  • Blue Prune 
  • Prune Cracking 
  • Pre-Harvest Practices to Consider
PDF 3/26/18
04/22/2015 (1,171KB)
  • Warm postbloom weather = early harvest? 
  • How hot was it at bloom, 2015? 
  • Drought strategies for California prune production 
  • Crop load assessment and adjustment 
  • N budgeting following the 4 Rs 
  • Prune Orchard Management Activities May through July
PDF 3/26/18
02/23/2015 (2,337KB)
  • South Sac Valley Prune Meeting 
  • Prune Orchard Activities February to May 
  • Heat at Bloom Update ? Honey Bee Safety During Prune Bloom 
  • Pesticide Safety Train the Trainer Workshops, March 12th in Davis 
  • Fungicide Treatment Timing and Efficacy Tables
PDF 3/26/18
10/01/2014 (1,987KB)
  • Fall Orchard Considerations 
  • Irrigation System Maintenance 
  • Cytospora Cankers can Destroy an Orchard 
  • Fall Weed Management Considerations in Prune Orchards 
  • Potassium Nutrition: Maintaining Optimum Levels by Replacing What You’ve Lost
  • Save the Date
PDF 3/26/18
06/18/2014 (549KB)
  • New IPM Advisor Introduction 
  • New Farm Advisor Introduction 
  •  Advisor Retirement – Thanks! 
  • Scouting for Spider Mites in Prunes 
  • Deficit Irrigation for French Prune 
  • Chill model comparison – Why two models judged last winter very differently
  • Nitrogen Management in Orchard Crops -- Red Bluff Meeting July 24th
PDF 3/26/18
04/16/2014 (716KB)
  • Prune aphids in Spring & Summer 
  • Irrigating French prune during a drought 
  • Efficient nitrogen management in prune production 
  • Low chill winter? 
  • How hot was it at bloom, 2014?
PDF 3/26/18
07/03/2013 (758KB)

In this Issue:    

                    Blue prune drop and leaf scorch

                   Earlier harvest in 2013?

                   2013:  A tough year for cankers


PDF 9/5/13
04/08/2013 (624KB)

In this issue: 

                     Orchard Irrigation 2013

                     Prune Tissue Sampling for Leaf Analysis

                     How hot was it at bloom, 2013

                     Efficient Nitrogen Management in Prune Production


PDF 9/5/13
01/31/2013 (1,159KB)

In this Sacramento Valley Prune News:

Heat at Bloom Update
Nitrogen Management for French Prune
Brown Rot Blossom/ Twig Blight & Preventing Fungicide Resistance
New 2012 Prune Cost Study for the Scaramento Valley
Red Bluff Prune Day Feb 8th --- Yuba City Prune meeting Feb. 27th

PDF 2/1/13

In the Sacramento Valley Prune News:
Prune orchard nutrition
Fall spray for prune aphid management
Prune out Cytospora cankers to reduce disease
Two different spots on prune leaves

DOC 10/16/12
08/13/2012 (662KB)

In this Sacramento Valley Prune News:

Managing prunes through harvest
Sizing prunes at harvest
Distinguishing between branch dieback disorders
New Prune Production Manual Available

PDF 8/16/12
03/15/2012 (557KB)

In this issue:
Heat at bloom updte
It's your money
Mobile Irrigation Lab Service
Fungicide Timing and Efficacy Tables

PDF 3/15/12
07/20/11 (3,382KB)

In this Issue:
Managing fruit brown rot and prune rust.
Blue prune drop and leaf scorch.
Bloom time temperatures compared to fruit set in 2011.
Update on Spotted Winged Drosophila in prunes.
When will harvest start in 2011?

PDF 7/20/11
10/4/2010 (1,006KB)

In this issue:
-Prune out Cytospora cankers to reduce disease
-Fall spray for prune aphid management
-Scale pests in prune orchards and keeping a balance of natural enemies
  to control them
-Using a high oil rate before bloom: Why do it?

PDF 10/4/10

What can you do now to produce the largest prunes possible? Field sizing French prune. Managing fruit brown rot in prunes. Spotted winged Drosophila: new damaging pest in prunes?

PDF 7/30/10
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