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09/26/2018 (1,998KB)

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PDF 12/18/18
06/12/2018 (1,268KB)
  • 2018 IPM Breakfast Meetings
  • Growing the Valley Podcast
  • Bloom Almond Orchard Management Considerations
  • Irrigation management for Hull Rot control
  • Monterey and the Leafing Failure
  • July Leaf Analysis
PDF 6/20/18
01/30/2018 (1,377KB)
  • 2018 IPM Breakfast Meetings 
  • Bloom Almond Orchard Management Considerations 
  • When is peach twig borer a concern? 
  • Navel Orangeworm Considerations 2018 
  • Honey Bees and Bloom Sprays 
  • How is Band Canker Infecting Young Trees? 
  • Missing the Target: Why you Should Irrigate Potted Trees Directly onto Potting Media 
  • Pesticide Safety
PDF 3/26/18
04/18/2017 (1,068KB)
  • Waterlogged Orchards 
  • Correction: When to Apply the First Irrigation? 
  • Nutrient Deficiencies in a Wet Spring 
  • April Showers bring Yellowing Krymsk 
  • Bloom Review: 2017 
  • Almond Management Considerations 
  • Nickels Soil Lab Annual Field Day Agenda
PDF 3/26/18
10/04/2017 (1,760KB)
  • 2018 UCCE Winter Almond Meetings 
  • Upcoming IPM Breakfast Meetings 
  • Bacterial Spot: A Dangerous Disease 
  • Gophers Kill Trees! 
  • Update on Yellow Monterey Almond Trees 
  • Almond Orchard Management Checklist 
  • New Pesticide Labels for Pruning Wound Infections 
  •  FNRIC Pomology Short Course 
  • New Farm Advisor Introduction
PDF 3/26/18
01/04/2017 (966KB)
  • When To Apply the First Irrigation? 
  • Winter and Bloom Almond Orchard Management Considerations 
  • Honeybees, Colony Strength, and Beekeeper Responsibilities 
  • Fungicide Options and Timings 
  • Butte & Glenn County Almond and Walnut Day AGENDA 
  • Protecting Honeybees During Bloom
PDF 3/26/18
10/04/2016 (800KB)
  • Potted Tree Irrigation After Planting 
  • Fall Zinc and Boron Review 
  • Visit the Sac Valley Orchard Source Event Calendar 
  • Leaf Rust of Almond 
  • 2016 Almond Production Short Course 
  • Pocket Gopher Management 
  • Post-Harvest Considerations
PDF 3/26/18
06/16/2016 (1,436KB)
  • Beware of Anthracnose 
  • Managing Soil Variability for Increased Almond Production 
  • Herbicide Symptom Gallery 
  • Register July 1 for the Almond Short Course! 
  • Almond Orchard Management Considerations 
  • New Website Resource
PDF 3/26/18
05/01/2016 (1,023KB)
  • Alternative Preemergence Herbicide Strategy for Summer Grasses in Orchards
  • Weekly Soil Moisture Loss Report to Assist with Irrigation Management 
  • Pocket Gopher Management—Don’t Wait too Long!
  • In Season Almond Pest and Disease Considerations
  • Announcement: Nickels Soil Lab Annual Field Day
PDF 3/26/18
01/11/2016 (1,174KB)
  • Butte/Glenn Almond Institute Agenda 
  • El Niño Rains and Pruning Don’t Mix 
  • Frost Protection 
  • Wet or Dry, Get Ready 
  • Krymsk 86 in Cool, Wet Conditions 
  • Pre-Bloom Almond Orchard Management considerations 
  • Upcoming Almond Meetings
PDF 3/26/18
04/14/2015 (1,672KB)
  • Navel orangeworm in 2015 
  • Almond scab 
  • Band canker 
  • N budgeting following the four Rs 
  • In-season almond orchard management considerations 
  • Nickels Field Day, May 6th
PDF 3/26/18
10/03/2014 (1,546KB)
  • Fall-Winter Almond Orchard Management Considerations 
  • Irrigation System Maintenance 
  • Building an Effective Orchard Weed Management Program 
  • Winter Sanitation - Hull Rot and Navel Orangeworm
PDF 3/26/18
06/20/2014 (541KB)
  • New Farm Advisor introduction 
  • New IPM Advisor introduction 
  • Navel orangeworm management -- 2014 
  • Advisor Retirement – Thanks! 
  • Leaf analysis and salinity monitoring 
  • Research reveals the core components of optimum almond production 
  • Nitrogen Management in Orchard Crops -- Red Bluff Meeting July 24th
PDF 3/26/18
04/21/2014 (911KB)
  • New Farm Advisor Introduction 
  • Insect Activity, Spring 2014
  • Foliar Nutrient Sprays
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency Irrigation Management 
  • Nickels Field Day, May 14th 
  • Nickels map & lunch reservation form
PDF 3/26/18
01/27/2014 (1,095KB)
  • Pollination and honey bee safety
  • Orchard Sanitation: a key winter practice in almond production
  • Observations on Butte County rootstock trials
  • Almond fungicide efficacy, treatment timing & suggested programs
  • Almond Institute / Walnut Day Butte & Glenn Counties, Chico, Feb. 12th
  • South Sacramento Valley almond meeting, Colusa, Feb. 4th
PDF 3/26/18
07/16/2013 (842KB)

In This Issue:

                      Navel orangeworm management - 2013

                      Almond hull rot – cultural and chemical management

                      Alternaria leaf spot and leaf rust of almond

                      Water management for almond: 
                                                               in-season, harvest and post-harvest

                       Pre-harvest almond orchard nutrition

PDF 9/3/13
05/06/2013 (385KB)

In this Issue:


PDF 9/3/13
04/05/2013 (354KB)

In This Issue:

                       Almond Varieties

                       Crown Rot or Pruning Wound Cankers

                       New Video: Managing Almond Pests using the 
                                         Year-Round IPM program

                        Tying Young Trees

                        Navel Orangeworm Pressure?



PDF 9/3/13
02/13/2013 (686KB)

In this issue:

                    Butte-Glenn Almond Institute Day

                     Groundwater Nitrogen Dilemma 

                     Bee Careful with Pesticides

                     Almond Orchards with wild insects have higher fruit set

                     Nickels Field Day

                     Springtime Diease Control

PDF 9/3/13
01/16/2013 (594KB)

In this issue:

Winter Sanitation-Best Impact on Navel Orangeworm
Walnut Blight
Almond Institue & Walnut Day-February 22, 2013
registration form and info about new location for this year!!

PDF 1/24/13

In the Sacramento Almond News:
Pocket gopher and ground squirrel management for autumn
40th Annual Almond Conference moved to Sacramento
Hull rot
Leaf blight
2012 Navel orangeworm- Part 2
Planning yoru weed management program 

DOC 10/16/12
01/19/2012 (553KB)

In this issue:
Butte-Glenn Walnut Day & almond Institute Feb. 1st
Pruning and training youn almond trees
Guidelines for planthin almonds
Winter irrigation
Focus on bees, colony strenght and health
South Sacramento Valley Winter almond Meeting Feb. 2nd
Almond Board Sustainability Workshops in Feb.
Orchard Sanitation: a key winter practice in almond prodution

PDF 1/19/12
02/15/2011 (727KB)

In this Sacramento Valley Almond News:
Springtime Disease Control
Simple Jar Test- how to evaluate spray compatibliltiy
Waterlogged Orchards
Implementing Frost Protection

PDF 2/15/11
  • Biofix for almond worm pests
  • Delivering a clean crop 
  • Almond tree blow-over problems 
  • Verticillium wilt in almonds 
  • Understanding and applying information from a soil test - Part 2
PDF 7/16/10
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