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Eating Healthy... From Farm to Fork

One teacher advised the students of her classroom, 'It's best to eat foods that remember where they came from.' Her astute advice was of course referring to abstaining from the highly processed foods that kids eat too many of(i.e hot cheetos) and to consume more fresh foods.

Eating Healthy from Farm to Fork is a curriculum designed specifically so that kindergartners will understand the connections between gardening, farming, nutrition and their cafeteria.

10 easy-to-implement lessons lead children through experiences with food, gardens and what food does for their body. Children also learn about safety in the garden and kitchen.

From Lesson 5: Food and Garden Discovery: Take an Aroma Tour of the Garden

Show the children how to smell all the different fragrant scents in the garden. Discuss why the plants produce these smells.

Of course all of the lessons are directly correlated the core subjects of the California Content Standards.


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