Butte County
University of California
Butte County


  • Olive Branch
    Recent Olive Cost Studies
    - A summary of current production cost approximations
    • Olive Oil- High-density planting; Oil production
    • Olives - Table, Manzanillo variety; Drip Irrigation



  • Nutrition
    • Fertilizing Olive Trees


  • Water Management
    • CIMIS - California Irrigation Management Information System can help calculate the amount of water your crop is using each day
    • Irrigation of Olives When Water is Short
    • Olive Irrigation - An article by Butte Co. Farm Advisor Joe Connell


  • General Management
    • Pruning and Training Olives for Mechanical Harvest
    • Steps For Controlling Alternate Bearing in Olives


  • Olive News & Events 



  •  Meeting Summaries


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