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August 2018 (870KB)

• UCCE Rice Field Day
• 2018 UCCE Rice Yield Contest
• New Watergrass Species: Be on the lookout!
• Testing for Suspected Herbicide Resistance
• Management of stem rot

PDF 8/20/18
July 2018 (437KB)

UCCE Rice Production Workshop

A weed problem all rice growers should be aware of: Weedy Rice

Another field with the suspected new weed species: Sutter County!

Planting progress for rice in 2018

Weed Control in Rice: Matching Herbicides with the Weeds of Your Field

PDF 8/20/18
April 2018 (498KB)

Upcoming Meetings

Lookout for New Weed Species!

Update on Early Season Arthropod Management

Fertility Management

2018 Yield Contest

Armyworms 2018: Get Ready

Useful Websites

PDF 8/20/18
November 2017 (1,177KB)

Upcoming Meetings

2017 Season Wrap-up

2017 Delta Rice Recap

Weedy Rice Update 2017

Armyworms in 2017

Useful Websites

PDF 8/20/18
August 2017 (215KB)

 2017 Rice Field Day

 Rice Disease Update

 Time for Weedy Rice Scouting!

 Herbicide Resistance in Rice UCCE Yield Contest

 2nd Annual Rice Weed Course

PDF 8/20/18
June 2017 (521KB)

• Save the Dates!
• Cass Mutter Retires!
• Nitrogen and Water Management
• Armyworms Revisited
• How to Select a Follow-up Herbicide
• 2017 Yield Contest
• Grow Rice? Help Birds!
• Useful Websites
• Rice Weed Course

PDF 8/20/18
April 2017 (225KB)
  • Managing late planted rice 
  • Land preparation 
  • Varietal selection 
  • Water management 
  • Fertility management 
  • Weed management 
  • Pest management 
  • No-till rice
  • FAQ
PDF 3/26/18
June 2014 (303KB)
  • Midseason Nitrogen Fertilizer 
  • Rice Blast 
  • Management of Propanil Resistant Sedges 
  • Appointed Vice Provost for UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources 
  • Bird Habitat Program Continues and Expands
PDF 3/26/18
April 2014 (304KB)
  • Midseason Nitrogen Fertilizer 
  • Rice Blast 
  • Management of Propanil Resistant Sedges 
  • Appointed Vice Provost for UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources 
  • Bird Habitat Program Continues and Expands
PDF 6/20/18
January 2013 (258KB)

2013 UCCE Annual Rice Grower Meetings

PDF 1/24/13
April 2012 (723KB)

Managing Late Planted Rice,
Winged Primeose Willow (WPW)

PDF 9/13/12
August 2011 (379KB)

Rice Field Day information  August 31, 2011
Rice Blast
Planning Harvest
Using a Desiccant to Accelerate Dry Down


PDF 8/18/11
June 2010
  • Throw Away the Calendar
  • Well, Just how Cold was May?
  • Midseason Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Managaing Weed Populations to Protect Against Herbicide Resistance
PDF 9/13/12
August 2005

Rice Cropping Systems Field Meeting

PDF 9/13/12
January 2004

2004 Annual Rice Grower Meetings

PDF 9/13/12
July 2003

Rice Field Meeting

PDF 9/13/12

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UC Rice Blog

  • Update to the Armyworm Update of August 21

    IMG 4178

    Today I visited two fields with large moth numbers (Hwy 45 and White Rd, and Hwy 45 at Knights Landing). On the White Rd field, where the traps caught about 80 armyworm moths per night last week, I found at least one worm in all stops I...

  • Its that time again: Collect Weed Seeds for Herbicide Resistance Testing!

    It's that time again! If you would like to submit seeds for herbicide resistance testing, many weed species will be maturing right about now. The UCCE Rice Weeds Program tests grower submitted seed samples of potentially herbicide resistant watergrass...

  • New Watergrass Species: be on the lookout for this weed!


    I have been to several farm calls in the past few weeks with this weed (pictured below). I have seen 7 fields between last year and this year that appear to have bad infestations of this new watergrass species (Echinochloa spp.). We are unsure of the...

  • Leafhopper damage


    I visited a field with leafhopper damage. What was interesting about this field, is that the leafhopper causing the problem was not the aster leafhopper, which is the common one we have in rice. It was a different, green...

  • Sign up for the 2018 UCCE Rice Yield Contest. You could win a John Deere side-by-side!

    John Deere XUV 560E

    Sign up for the 2018 UCCE Rice Yield Contest! You could win a John Deere side-by-side. 2018 marks the fourth year of the UCCE Rice Yield Contest. We have learned a lot from these contests and have seen yields close to 128 sacks/acre! To enter the Rice...

  • Start scouting for blast

    Blast burn

    I got a report from a PCA early in the week of blast infections detected near Maxwell. Blast can occur at any time during the development of the crop. When it infects leaves, it is called leaf blast. If it infects the base node of the panicle, it is...

  • Register now for the 2018 Rice Production Workshop!

    An in-depth workshop that covers the principles and practices of rice production: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 8:30 – 3:00 pm Lundberg Family Farms 5311 Midway Richvale, CA 95974 Program: 8:30 Sign in, pick up class materials 9:00 Introduction...

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