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Orchard Crops

Joe Connell, Farm Advisor for almonds, olives, citrus, subtropicals, and ornamental horticulture.  Joe coordinates an educational and applied research program that serves the needs of 1365 agribusiness owners, managers, and crop consultants of tree crops throughout Butte County. Butte County has over 93,000 acres of tree crops valued annually at over $240 million.  Joe holds BS and MS degrees in Plant Science and Horticulture from UC Davis, a Qualified Pesticide Applicators Certificate in demonstration and research, and has over 32 years of experience in production and culture of almonds, olives, and citrus. He has conducted projects on variety and rootstock selection, pruning, plant nutrition and irrigation. His pest management work on insects, diseases, and weeds has led to the adoption of improved methods of pest control. He serves as the UC Liaison officer to the almond industry and is recognized as a statewide expert in the production and culture of almonds and olives.

 Orchard Crops


• Improves  fungus disease management in almonds
• Develops economically and environmentally sustainable farming practices
• Northern location trials for new almond varieties and rootstocks
• Solved the rind breakdown disorder in Mandarin oranges
• Improved oil olive irrigation management and olive fly control strategies
• Fumigation alternatives to resolve orchard replant problems


• Assists farmers and consultants in identifying and solving production problems
• Holds field meetings to demonstrate research results 
• Organizes & presents educational meetings providing continuing education credits to growers and PCAs to maintain their permits and licenses 
• Participates in organizing and presenting olive short courses
• Guest speaker at UC Davis, Butte College, CSUC, and at public meetings
•  Issues almond, walnut, prune, olive, and citrus newsletters 
• Writes popular articles for trade journals, helped develop almond and olive production manuals, a pictorial guide to almond blossom and foliar diseases, and a guide to environmentally responsible pest management practices in almonds 
• Provides research based scientific information to the public and agricultural clients through phone discussions and mailing of pertinent extension literature.

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