Butte County
University of California
Butte County


Presentation Day 2014

Group Gold medal 2014


Foods Fiesta 2013-2014


Shasta 4-H Club Community Service Project


National Youth Science Day 2013

NYSD 2013


2013 Palermo Parade 

Palermo 4-H (Cole with his goat Buddy)
Palermo Parade 2013.jpg4


Camp 2013

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Picture 043a
Picture 050a
Picture 052a
Picture 055a
Picture 097a
Picture 106a
Picture 109a
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Picture 118a
Picture 120a
Picture 126a
Picture 127a
Picture 128a
Picture 130a
Picture 171a
Picture 181a


2013 Silver Dollar Fair



2013 Oroville National Night Out 

2012 WHY Conference at Nevada County


2012 Camp

Picture 045q
Picture 056a
Picture 072a
Picture 073a
Picture 080a
Picture 092a
Picture 084a
Picture 091a
Picture 101a
Picture 102a
Picture 104a

2012 Officer Training 

Picture 048a
Picture 057a
Picture 049a
Picture 058a
Picture 061a
Picture 067a
Picture 069a
Picture 073a


Awards BBQ



2012 Farm City Celebration Harvest Festival


2012 Hi 4-H Formal Dinner



Lone Pine 4-H Photography Project


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