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Youth Enrollment

How to Enroll Youth in 4-H: 

There are two routes to enroll youth in the 4-H Youth Development Program.  Both require some hard copy forms to be turned in the Community Club Leader (CCL) of which ever club you choose.  To find a club near your, check out our 4-H Clubs page.  

Two routes to enrollment:

1.) Online enrollment   OR    2.) Hard copy enrollment

Here's the main difference between the two ways to enroll:

While one option is mainly online, there are still a few forms which must be turned into the Community Club Leader.  The hard copy enrollment means that all forms and paperwork must be filled out via hard copy and turned into the Community Club Leader.  

Check out what is required for each enrollment method below and pick which is right for your family!

How much does it cost to join 4-H? 

4-H has an annual fee of $45 per youth.  If a family enrolls a third child, then the price of the third child (or more) is $40.  The fee for all family members is due when you turn in your forms and enrollment into your CCL.  

The $45 fee is used in the following ways:

$38 must be sent the California 4-H for the state fee.

$7.00 is kept by Butte County 4-H to cover the following expenses:

10% of these fees are used for the printing of educational materials for Community Clubs and County projects and Butte County Council.

40% of the fees are also used to purchase educational curriculum for use by Butte County 4-H.

50% of the fees are used to reimburse volunteers for use of private vehicles transporting members to various county, regional and state events.

If these fees create any undue financial burden members may contact their Club for scholarships to offset the cost and may send a letter to the Butte 4-H County Council, requesting either a reduced price or for the fees to be waived.  

How to Enroll Online (recommended): 

1.) Go to 4HOnline and login into your profile.  

If you're new to 4-H, you'll need to click the "I need to set up a profile" bubble.  

NOTE: For returning families, if you forgot your profile password, PLEASE do not create a new profile.  Call the 4-H Office at 530-538-7201, and we will help you log in!

2.) Fill out all of the necessary online components.  4HOnline will have asterisks(*) next to the required information.  

3.) Once you've filled out the enrollment, there are still hard copy forms which must be filled out and given to your Community Club Leader (CCL).  

Here are the forms which must be turned into your CCL if you enrolled online: 

Parent Code of Conduct

Waiver of Liability

Youth Authorization to Treat & Health History


Also, don't forget to pay your annual fees when you turn in your enrollment and forms to your CCL.  Fees are $45 per youth.  If a family is enrolling more than 3 youth, then the 3rd or more child is only $40.  

How to Enroll via Hard Copy: 

For individuals who may not have Internet access, enrollment for the 4-H Youth Development Program is also available by hard copy printed forms.  

To enroll via hard copy forms, print, fill out, and turn the following items into your Community Club Leader: 

Youth Enrollment Forms

Parent Code of Conduct

Waiver of Liability

Youth Authorization to Treat & Health History


Don't forget to turn in your annual fees!  Your annual fees of $45 per youth (or $40 after the third or more child) is due when you turn in your enrollment and forms to your CCL.  

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