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Welcome! Listed for your convenience are the forms for our 4-H program. Please feel free to choose those you may need to complete.

NOTE:  If you have trouble printing any of the forms, please contact the office. 


Enrollment website: https://california.4honline.com/Login.aspx

Online Enrollment Instructions

How to Enroll New Youth in 4hOnline

How to Re-enroll Returning Youth in 4hOnline

How to Enroll New Adult Volunteers in 4hOnline

How to Re-enroll Returning Adult Volunteers in 4hOnline


Paper Enrollment Forms

Please contact the 4-H Office for paper enrollment forms at 530-538-7201.


Enrollment Fees

The 2017-2018 Butte County 4-H enrollment fee is $55.00 for youth and $30.00 for adults.  The majority of the fee goes to the California 4-H State Program to cover accident/incident insurance.  The usage of the fee at the local level is 10% of these fees are used for the printing of educational materials for Community Clubs and County projects and Butte County Council. 40% of the fees are also used to purchase educational curriculum for use by Butte County 4-H. 50% of the fees are used to reimburse volunteers for use of private vehicles transporting members to various county, regional and state events.

If this fee creates and undue financial burden, Members may withhold payment at the Community Club level and send a letter requesting fees be waived to the Butte County 4-H office.  The follow form must also be filled out and sent to the Office: Request for Fee Waiver Form.

Request for Fee Waiver Form

Record Books

ALSO! Check out our Record Book Corner pages!  They also have helpful information about Record Books.  Find them here: Record Book Corner homepage

2017-2018 Forms are now available.  Forms for the 2016-2017 year will remain available until December 1st for those members who are still completing a 2016-2017 book. 

Below are the necessary forms to complete record books.  You must use the forms which are for the correct Program Year.  Use of incorrect forms will result in disqualification in competition. 

Online Record Book (ORB)

2018-2019 Record Book Manual For 2018-2019 Junior, Intermediate and Senior Members only
2017-2018 Record Book Manual  (updated 6/9/2017) Please use for the 2017-2018 year


2016-20017 4-H Record Book Manual for Adults 2016-2017 Adult Record Book Guide

2016-2017 Record Book Manual for Adult Partners  The Record Book Manual for Adults was not updated in 2018 by California 4-H.  Please continue to use the 2016-2017 version.

Personal Development Report Forms
To be used in your 4-H Record Book

2017-2018 Record Book Forms  Record Book Forms 2017-2018
Contains information to help complete a 4-H'ers Record Book

Record Book Forms 2018-2019  (updated 6/9/2018) Please use for 2018-2019 year


Record Book Check Sheet Help Document Updated 2018-2019

Required County Record Book Check Sheet Updated 2018-2019
Contains all forms and instructions for regular 4-H members

Record Book Workshop 1 22 15

Information on how to fill out the Record Book PDR

Primary Members

You may encourage your primary members to complete a Primary Member Record Book with assistance from their adult volunteer, parents/guardians, or older members. Cloverbud's are not required to do a Record Book.  Upon turning 9 years of age, a former primary member's years in 4-H, years in all projects, and records of participation and activities for record books all reset. Items listed in any primary PDR do not carry over to future regular member PDRs.

Primary Members Record Book Manual & Forms Word Document

Community Club Leader

End of Year Documents 2016-2017

End of Year Document Checklist Letter


Form 6.2 - Annual Inventory Report

Form 6.3 - Annual Financial Report

Form 8.4 - Club Budget 2016-2017

Form 8.4 - Club Budget 2017-2018

Form 8.5 - Year End Peer Review

Form 8.6 - Year End Peer Review Checklist

Form 8.7 - Fundraising Approval


Form 4-H outreach methods documentation (Word)

Program Planning Guide

Club Profile and inforpage rvsd 2017-18

Club Resources

Cross Clubbing/Cross County Form

Cross Club Contract Revised  Cross Club Form Word 
Cross Club Contract Revised Cross Club Form PDF

Cross County Form  Cross County Form Word
Cross County Form  Cross County Form PDF

Butte County 4H Club Officers & Committees Format

4-H Club Officers & Committees Format
Officer Form

Parliamentary Procedure



Project Leader Agreement Form Sample


Project Proficiency Program

Project Proficiency Program Guidebook

Presentation Proficiency Application

Proficiency Certification Form

Project Proficiencies


Fairs and Livestock Information 

Fair Requirements:

For both Silver Dollar and Butte County Fairs

Fair Requirements 2018-2019

County Events:

Approved by Council to count towards Fair Requirements

County Events Listing 2016-2017 approved 9 22 16
Activity Contract 2012Approved11 15 12

Animal Science Fair Book

Animal Science Fairbook (2009)

Horse Forms

Horse Identificaton Form

Livestock Disease Information:

 Swine Influenza

For more on this, please check the following websites:

Avian Influenza (posted 5/28/13)

Two recent outbreaks of Avian Influenza (AI) strains have been reported, one in Mexico (H7N3) and another in China (H7N9). The H7N3 virus, a highly pathogenic strain of AI (HPAI), is restricted to poultry; the H7N9 virus, a low pathogenic strain of AI (LPAI), has crossed over from poultry and infected humans, mainly within family clusters. Heightened bio-security measures are recommended. More information is available at:

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA):

Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN):

Surface Disinfectants
Biosecurtiy at the Fair


4-H Presentations 

4-H Presentation Manual

Presentation Manual Visit this link to view the new 2015 Presentation Manual.  This is an updated manual.

First Year Members Presentation Form

First Year Member Presentation-Club Level Word

First Year Member Presentation-Club Level PDF


All-Star, Scholarship, Emerald Star, National 4-H Week Display, 4-H Member/Parent of the Month, ect.

Butte County 4-H All Stars

All Star Application Word

Butte County 4-H Scholarships

Scholarship Application Word


Butte County 4-H Emerald Star Application

Emerald_Star_app passed9.28.12 2012FINAL


National 4-H Week Application 

2018 National 4-H Week Window Display Application


Butte County 4H Member of the Month Applications

4H Member of the Month Application


Butte County 4H Parent of the Month Applications

Butte County 4-H Parent of the Month Application


Other Forms

Butte County 4-H Complaint Form

Butte_County_4H_Complaint_Form 2 20 2014

"Make it Safe, Keep It Safe" 4-H Volunteer Food Safety Training 

The makeit safe,keep it safe letter to CCLs 12.2.13

Misc Forms
If you don't see the form you are looking for, please call the office.

4-H Awards Order Form Revised

4-H Uniform Order Form Revised

Form 8 7 Fundraising Approval 2015
Fundraising Guilde lines and Form 2015
4-H Reimbursement Form Revised 05 17 16

ADA Accommodation Request Form

  ADA Request Form PDF


Gift FAQ's

Gift FAQ's

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