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What is the Butte 4-H County Council?  

The Butte 4-H County Council is a group which makes local decisions and policy regarding 4-H in Butte County.  This group is made up of active, ex-officio, and honorary members.  The Council has an executive officer panel made up of active members.  

Active members must be appointed 4-H adult volunteers or Senior 4-H youth members.  Ex-officio members are the County Director, 4-H Advisor, or 4-H Program Representative.  Honorary members may be appointed by the County Director or Council for individuals who are not active or ex-officio members and have made an outstanding contribution to the 4-H program.  

Active members have the power to vote, while ex-officio and honorary members are allowed to voice their opinions, but not vote.  

What does the Council do? 

The Butte 4-H County Council is responsible for making and amending local 4-H policy.  State 4-H policy cannot be changed and must be observed, but local policy regarding the Butte County 4-H Program can made and changed by the Council.  

Common policies and changes that are made often have to do with 4-H County Events, 4-H Fair Requirements,  and Council budgeting.  


Meeting Information: 

The Butte 4-H County Council meets every 4th Thursday at 7:00pm.  

On occasion meetings will fall on a different Thursday (November due to Thanksgiving and May due to the Silver Dollar Fair).

Location: HR Training Room, around the corner from the 4-H Office.  

4-H Office Address: 2279 Del Oro Ave. Suite B.  Oroville, CA 95965

2016-2017 Meeting Dates:












By Laws & Constitution

The Constitution and By-Laws of the Butte 4-H County Council are provided in PDF form below.  These denote how the Council is to be run, how changes can be made, who can vote, standing committees, and more.  

Butte 4-H County Council Constitution Approved 6.23.11

Butte 4-H County Council By-Laws Approved 6.23.11

Butte 4-H County Council Officers

2016-2017 Council Officers

President: Mike Cook - Palermo 4-H 

Vice President: Brent Jayne - Lone Pine 4-H 

Secretary: Marjorie Daley - Bangor 4-H  

Treasurer: Teresa Blackson - Bangor 4-H 

Reporter/Historian: Loni Ford - Palermo 4-H 

Scholarship Guardians: Nick Bertagna & Eileen Ross


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